Are Maynards Bassetts wine gums gluten free?

Are Bountys gluten-free?

Good news! All flavors and sizes of Bounty Candy bars are gluten-free.

Do Maynards wine gums contain pork gelatin?

Gelatin is made from the collagen found in tendons, ligaments and tissues of mammals, most commonly pigs and cows. We have removed gelatin from these special wine gums, making them suitable for vegetarians, though they are not safe for all vegans as they contain beeswax.

Are Maynards wine gums good for you?

Wine gums are fat-free, but they contain approx. 1500 kJ or 360 cal per 100g. So if you eat a 30g portion which contains about 500 kJ or 100 cal then you will not be doing too much harm. If you eat larger portions then this could contribute to overweight.

Why are wine gums called wine gummies?

While the reason why they’re called “wine gums” is a bit of a mystery, there are two strong theories, one stating that wine gums were so-called in an attempt to lure people away from alcohol, giving them a flavourful substitute, the other theory being that the texture of these gums make them much more lingering and …

What are the best wine gums?

Lions Wine Gums – Another great classic from Lions, these are hard, chewy and really fruity. With their longer lasting superior flavour Lions wine gums come highly recommended. They are much firmer than many other sweets of the same name with a strong unique flavour.

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Are Maynards Bassetts wine gums vegan?

Perfect to share and enjoy with your friends and family. Suitable for vegetarians.