Are Soft Pretzels dairy free?

Do Philly soft pretzels have dairy?

The lattes are not that bad either. Center City Soft Pretzels are also available around the city of at their factory in South Philly. Oh, almond milk and all this dairy-free goodness. … Not only do they use organic almond, they are also GMO and additive free!

Are Trader Joe’s tortillas vegan?


Although I believe that the low carb craze is way overrated, I’ve been eating Trader Joe’s Reduced Carb Tortillas for years. I like them and they’re vegan.

Are Snyder’s pretzels dairy free?

All of Snyder’s Chocolate covered pretzels contain dairy, as they’re covered in Hershey’s brand chocolate which contains dairy.

Do pretzel crisps have dairy?

Are Pretzel Crisps® made with dairy? Our chocolate flavors contain dairy, as do Garlic Parmesan, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Buffalo Wing, and Cheddar Cheese.

Did soft pretzels originate in Philadelphia?

According to legend, pretzels got their start as far back as 610 AD when Italian monks used the pretiolas, or “little rewards” to encourage children to be diligent in their prayer studies. … Today, most of Philadelphia’s soft pretzels are made, not in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, but right here in the city.

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