Do Corn Thins contain gluten?

Are CORN THINS gluten free?

Real Foods manufacture 7 varieties of CORN THINS (Original, Organic with Sesame, Soy & Linseed (Flax & Soy) Multigrain, Sesame, Tasty Cheese, Sour Cream & Chives, & Pizza) and 2 varieties of RICE THINS (Ancient Grains & Wholegrain), of which all are “Gluten free“.

Are corn cakes gluten free?

As well as tasting great, these Organic Corn Cakes are gluten free, a great source of fibre and contain less than 5% fat. With a hint of crunch and a touch of popcorn, they are wonderfully moreish and a surefire lunchbox hit too.

Nutritional Information.

Typical values g per 100g
Salt: 0.27

Are thins gluten free?

Thins are the original thin cut potato chip! Whether sharing or entertaining, Thins are cut just right to create the perfect light crispy texture that melts in your mouth. Proudly made in Australia, Vegan Friendly* and Gluten Free.

Are corn thins healthy?

Corn thins are a better option nutritionally than rice cakes, thanks to their low GI grain, and when teamed with some low-sugar nut spread, they give you the perfect carb/protein balance for a mid-afternoon snack choice.

Are corn thins fattening?

Corn Thins™ slices are very low in fat, as most varieties have less than 3% fat per serving. This make them a great option for a main meal or snack. You can simply top your Corn Thins™ slices with your usual favourites, or you can even try adding in some of those good fats we talked about earlier.

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Do Corn Thins make you bloated?

The reason we want to avoid these foods is because the fermentation process attracts water to the bowels, resulting in bloating, diarrhoea and malabsorption of nutrients.

Are corn thins OK for Diabetes?

Overall, you can see this meal when including 3 slices of CORN THINS® product and the additional low GI ingredients can be a safe and healthy choice as part of a balanced diet for those wanting to make sure their blood sugar levels do not spike to high levels.

Are rice and corn cakes gluten-free?

What is Gluten? … Bakali Corn Cakes and Rice Cakes are a great start, with being naturally free from Gluten – which compliments other health benefits such as being: high in fibre, low in sodium and saturated fat, GMO free, and free from all preservatives and contains no allergens.

Are corn cakes better for you than rice cakes?

With just 10 rice crackers offering as much carbohydrate as two small slices of grain bread, wholegrain, low GI corn cakes and crackers are a much better option nutritionally for snacks and light carbohydrate options at lunch and offer just 10g of total carbs per serve compared to 25-30g in 10 rice crackers.