Frequent question: Are Mission round tortilla chips gluten free?

Do Mission tortilla chips have gluten?

Mission® corn products are certified gluten free and are produced with corn masa flour; these products include corn tortillas, tortilla chips, taco shells and tostadas.

Are Costco Mission tortilla chips gluten-free?

Made with a blend of white and yellow corn. USDA Organic. Gluten free.

Are baked tortilla chips gluten-free?

While most tortilla chips are made from corn flour, this fact can be misleading. While they often don’t have gluten ingredients, they are made in facilities that use gluten and are therefore contaminated. … Frito-Lay includes a list of their gluten-free products on their website: Baked Tostitos Scoops.

What brand of corn tortillas are gluten-free?


  • Gluten-free Original Tortilla Wraps.
  • Gluten-free Spinach Herb Tortilla Wraps.
  • White Corn Tortillas.
  • Yellow Corn Tortillas.
  • Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas.
  • Super Size Yellow Corn Tortillas.
  • Street Tacos White Corn Tortillas.
  • Street Tacos Yellow Corn Tortillas.

Who makes Kirkland tortilla chips?

Produced by Texas-based Mission Foods, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips ($3.59 for a 48-ounce bag) cost slightly more than 7 cents an ounce — half as much as any other chip in our blind taste test.

Are Mission tortilla chips healthy?

While tortilla chips can be a satisfying crunchy snack, they aren’t the healthiest choice. … However, they aren’t the healthiest snack option. In large quantities, tortilla chips can be fattening, and they’re high in salt. Control portion size and how often you eat this snack to include them in a healthy eating plan.

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Are Kirkland tortilla chips good?

Top positive review. 4.0 out of 5 starsGreat flavor but too many were crushed. These are very flavorful and nicely crisp. Sturdy enough to dip into cheese dips, salsas and even chili.

Are Mexican restaurant tortilla chips gluten free?

Verify the corn tortillas are gluten free…don’t assume anything. Ask if the corn chips are fried in a dedicated fryer. The chips themselves may not contain gluten, but if they’re fried in a shared fryer with any other gluten-battered food, they should not be advertised as gluten free.