Frequent question: Is Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter vegan?

Is the Body Shop Shea Body Butter vegan?

The Body Shop – Our Shea Body Butter is now 100% vegan and… | Facebook.

Is shea butter vegan?

Shea butter is a type of plant-based fat that is from the nuts of the Shea Tree, which is native to West Africa. … Because of its texture and nutritional profile, shea butter is a hugely popular ingredient in cosmetics industry. As it is plant-based, it’s also a staple in vegan cosmetics.

Is Vaseline vegan friendly?

Summary: Vaseline Is Considered Vegan.

It doesn’t contain any animal products, but there’s no certainty of whether not it was tested on animals. Plus, because it contains oil, it has a negative environmental impact. As a result, not many vegans may be okay with using vaseline.

What percentage of Body Shop products are vegan?

The Body Shop goes vegan

Currently, 60 percent of The Body Shop items are vegan-friendly, including best-selling collections such as its Tea Tree skincare range. It has already begun veganizing products such as its iconic Body Butters – which rolled out globally earlier this year.

How many vegan products do Body Shop sell?

With over 50% of the entire catalogue being suitable for vegans, The Body Shop’s products are an obvious go-to for the plant-based community regardless of age, skin type and even budget.

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