How many Brits are vegetarian?

What percentage of the population is vegetarian 2020?

Based on a sampling of 11,000 adults, aged 17 and over, only two percent of Americans are vegetarian. Only one-in-four vegetarians — or 0.5% of the USA adult population — is vegan. Only half of one percent of the USA population — or 1.62 million of us — is vegan.

How many vegetarians are there in the world in 2021?

The total number of vegans worldwide in 2021 amounts to about 79 million. About 9.7 million people follow a vegetarian-based diet in the US. Israel has the largest concentration of vegans in the world.

How common is vegetarianism in the UK?

Our current position is that the number of people in the UK who maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet 100% of the time still holds at 2% – 3% of the population.

Has the consumption of meat decreased?

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) calculated that meat consumption declined for the first time in 2019, after decades of steep increases. … Better alternatives are also driving the decline in meat consumption.

How much meat is consumed in the UK?

Between 2008 and 2019, the average amount of meat eaten each day per person in the UK fell from 103.7g to 86.3g – a total reduction of 17.4g a day, or just under 17%. This included a 13.7g drop in daily red meat consumption, a 7g reduction in processed meat, and a 3.2g increase in white meat.

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