Is Arjun Rampal vegan?

Is Arjun Rampal vegetarian?

Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr Jesia have given up eating non-vegetarian food for 40 days. The couple decided to alter their eating habits after attending a pooja at Mehr’s mother’s place in Deolali.

Is Arjun Rampal Indian?

Arjun Rampal (born 26 November 1972) is an Indian actor, model, film producer and television personality who works in Hindi films.

Arjun Rampal
Born 26 November 1972 Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Hindu College, Delhi

Where is Arjun Rampal from?

How can I make my body like Arjun Rampal?

He goes for cycling, jogging, walking or swimming. These breaks in between can keep you charged up and motivated to stay fit. Keep yourself hydrated, as it detoxifies your body and helps you keep going through the day. Arjun follows this practice of drinking lots of water throughout the day.

Who is Arjun girlfriend?

Who is Arjun Rampal father?

Who is Arjun Rampals wife?

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