Is common still a vegan?

What rapper is vegan?

1. KRS-One. KRS-One is the old school vegan rapper! In 1990 he wrote a song called “Beef” talking about the ills of eating meat.

Is YG still vegan?

One of the industry’s newest vegetarians, YG adopted the vegetarian lifestyle in 2016 out of concern for his future health- specifically the potential for cancer from processed meat. In an interview on the Breakfast Club, he stated, “”I went vegan.

Is Eminem a vegan?

With more and more famous people starting to adopt a plant based lifestyle, many people have begun wondering if Eminem is vegan. Unfortunately for all of the animal activists out there, Eminem is not a vegan.

Is Drake vegan?

Drake has yet to formally announce he is vegan, but several social media posts allude to his plant-based commitment. … “I was immediately drawn to the Daring team’s mission to transform how we eat, and I am excited to invest in and support a product I enjoy,” Drake said.

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