Is Fruity Dyno Bites with marshmallows gluten free?

Are Fruity Dyno Bites gluten free?

Fruity Dyno-Bites cereal is fruity, fantastic and full of flavor! These sweet little crispy rice puffs are gluten free!

Are Fruity Dyno Bites with marshmallows gluten free?

Fruity Dyno Bites with Marshmallows® Breakfast Cereal is gluten free and certified Kosher. Full of fruity flavor, this crispy rice cereal is packed with marshmallows.

Are Cocoa Dyno Bites gluten free?

Made with real cocoa, this sweet, satisfying cereal has no artificial flavors or preservatives. Cocoa Dyno-Bites are a gluten free food.

Does oatmeal have gluten?

While oats are naturally gluten free, they may come in contact with gluten-containing grains such as wheat, rye and barley at the farm, in storage or during transportation.

What’s the difference between Dyno Bites and Fruity Pebbles?

Dyno Bites are 100x better than Fruity Pebbles, I’ll give you that much… … There is a definite difference with the texture(FP’s are kind of stale, not as crunchy), color ( FP’s are brighter in color)and flavor (FP’s are just not as tasty) what I currently have are NOT Dyno Bites!

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