Is Gifford’s ice cream gluten free?

Is Giffords icecream gluten free?

Gifford’s cream sources its fresh milk and cream exclusively from independent family farms in Maine. They have several All natural flavors and even more gluten free flavors.

Does Giffords have non dairy ice cream?

We offer Gifford’s premium ice cream in a variety of flavors as well as sugar-free, low-fat, dairy-free, and peanut-free options.

Is Giffords sorbet vegan?

Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream

Gifford’s carries a few sorbet flavors but no vegan ice cream options.

What is Maine Deer Tracks ice cream?

Flavor of the Week: Maine Deer Tracks (Rich espresso ice cream with crunchy heath bar candies and tracks of thick chocolate fudge). Stop by one of our five family owned ice cream stands to receive a regular (2 scoop) serving of this flavor for just $1.99.

What kind of nuts are in Moose Tracks ice cream?

Retrieved 5 February 2016. Nutty Moose Tracks features vanilla ice cream with a blend of chocolate peanuts and peanut butter cups with Moose Tracks ….

What kind of chocolate is in Moose Tracks?

Sweet vanilla ice cream packed with mini chocolate peanut butter cups and swirls of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge.

Does Giffords have soft serve?

Yes folks, this is soft serve and it… – Gifford’s Ice Cream.

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What is Maine Black Bear ice cream?

Gifford’s Maine Black Bear, according to the company’s Web site, is composed of a vanilla ice cream base with swirls of black raspberry syrup and chocolate candies filled with liquid black raspberry.

What is Lobster Tracks ice cream?

Gifford’s Maine Lobster Tracks ice cream is Vanilla ice cream, lobster-colored chocolate cups filled with caramel swirled in unique éclair crunch.