Is Kellogg’s Special K vegan?

Can vegans eat Kellogg’s?

Kellogg’s is one of the world’s best know cereal brands, and indeed many people enjoy their cereals. However, the majority of their cereals contain animal-derived vitamin D which makes them unsuitable for vegans.

Are Kellogg’s Corn Flakes dairy free?

Ready to eat cereals: (Check labels carefully) generally lactose free: cornflakes; puffed wheat; shredded wheat; rice krispies; (a non dairy creamer or fruit juice may be used on cereals).

Was Kellogg a vegetarian?

In 1876, a young John Harvey Kellogg became director of what was shortly after renamed the Battle Creek Medical Surgical Sanitarium. … He was a vegetarian and did not serve meat at the Sanitarium, believing that it lessened physical strength and harbored bacteria.

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