Is Muller SKYR vegetarian?

What Muller yogurts are vegetarian?

Meanwhile, Muller’s new Müllerlight recipe, which remains fat free, is available now. It also features a thicker and creamier texture and now has 0% added sugar and is suitable for vegetarians.

Is Muller yoghurt vegetarian?

5 Müller Light yoghurts

Many low-fat yoghurts are not suitable for vegetarians and Müller Light is no exception. The snag is it contains gelatine.

What is Muller SKYR?

Müller Corner Skyr is the perfect combination of delicious thick and creamy Icelandic style Skyr yogurt with whole nuts in either crunchy banana & almond, nuts & chocolate or raspberry & hazelnut granola! With 13g of protein Skyr is now Müllerlicious!

What are the ingredients in SKYR yogurt?

Skyr (Pasteurized Low-Fat Milk, Live and Active Cultures), Raspberries, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Carob Bean Gum, Natural Flavors, Fruit and vegetable Juice Concentrate (For Color).

Is Müller Corner Strawberry Shortcake suitable for vegetarian?

Muller Corner Crunch Yogurt Strawberry Shortcake is suitable for vegetarians. It comes with white chocolate coated shortcake balls (12 percent ).

How many calories are in a Muller SKYR yogurt?

There are 145 calories in 100 g of Muller Corner Icelandic Style Skyr Nuts & Chocolate.

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