Is Smart Balance Light Butter dairy free?

Is Smart Balance considered a dairy product?

Summary: All Smart Balance Butters are dairy-free. Most flavors have vitamin D added, which comes from lanolin (sheep’s wool oil)

Is all Smart Balance butter vegan?

The Short Answer. Smart Balance offers eight buttery spreads with different flavours. All of their products are free of milk, eggs, gluten, and nuts. Yet only two flavours can be considered vegan: Smart Balance Organic and Smart Balance Light With Flaxseed Oil.

Why Smart Balance is bad for you?

Regular (not Light) Smart Balance has more saturated fat (2.5 grams per tablespoon) than our Best Bites (1.5 grams or less). The extra sat fat might not be bad if at least two-thirds of your fat came from Smart Balance. But few people fall into this category.

Why is Smart Balance Not vegan?

Smart Balance is not vegan. The D3 that is in it is derived from sheep. If you are looking for a vegan butter, look for Earth Balance and Miyoko’s.

Does Smart Balance light olive oil have dairy?

Made with extra virgin olive oil. … Patented blend to help improve cholesterol ratio. Non-dairy; lactose free; gluten free.

Is Smart Balance real butter?

Smart Balance is vegetable oil spread. … This is a perfectly fine choice for spreads. You still have to remember portion control because the saturated fat will add up. I personally prefer the whipped butter over this product because it has less additives and a more “real butter” taste.

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