Question: Are abuelos chips gluten free?

Are Mexican restaurant chips gluten free?

The chips themselves may not contain gluten, but if they’re fried in a shared fryer with any other gluten-battered food, they should not be advertised as gluten free. Ditto for the hard taco shells, made from corn…they must be fried in a dedicated fryer to be safe for consumption.

Is Abuelo’s queso gluten free?

While at most mexican restaurants I can eat enchiladas (or anything with corn tortillas really) and queso, these options were not gluten free at Abuelo’s. … The chicken and steak used in dishes like the fajitas or tacos were not gluten free(confused as to why not- maybe its the marinade?).

Are the chips at margaritas gluten free?

The chips they serve are not gluten free. You have to ask for gluten-free chips. Unsure if there is a separate fryer so it’s always a risk eating those.

Are Garcia’s chips gluten free?

RW Garcia tortilla chips, artisan crackers, and organic corn chips are great-tasting imaginative combinations of corn and other natural ingredients to create a delicious healthy snack. All of our products are always Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher, and produced in a facility free of peanut & tree nut allergens.

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Are restaurant chips gluten free?

Tortilla chips are most often made from 100% ground corn, which is naturally gluten-free. They may be made from white, yellow, or blue varieties of corn. Nonetheless, some brands may contain a mix of both corn and wheat flour, meaning they are not gluten-free.

Does on the border have gluten-free?

On The Border has a great variety of gluten-free Tex-Mex options to try. Like most other Mexican restaurants, they do use common fry oil for their chips and tortillas. … If you’re looking for gluten-free Tex-Mex, this could be a great place to try out.

Are abuelos corn tortillas gluten-free?

Review. Very limited menu if you are celiac or sensitive you can’t eat the corn tortillas. With the virus restrictions they have shortened the menu so now only two items are available on the gf menu.

Do abuelos cheese enchiladas have onions?

Enchilada Choices. Cheese: Abuelo’s signature cheese blend with chile con carne. Add onions upon request.

What is gluten free at Margaritas Restaurant?

Margaritas: Margaritas are typically made with tequila (gluten free), fresh lime juice (gluten free) and triple sec. Most triple sec brands are gluten free, but you must check to be certain.

Are Julio’s chips gluten free?

Corn oil is great because it is gluten/soy free. … Here are the ingredients in the corn chips, per the Julio’s website: Corn, Water, Lime, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Comino, Monosodium Glutamate, and corn oil.