Question: Is whey protein OK for vegans?

Can you drink protein shakes on a vegan diet?

Quick Take

Do you need to drink vegan protein powder shakes now that you’re not eating meat. No, you do not! Yes, protein is important — but you’re most likely getting “enough” protein on a plant-based diet, without supplementing. And protein powders (even the “plant-based” ones) are best avoided altogether.

Can I use whey protein on a plant-based diet?

To accommodate different dietary restrictions and lifestyles, many manufacturers provide both whey protein powder — derived from cow’s milk — and plant-based alternatives.

Comparison chart.

Whey protein powder Plant-based protein powder
Vegan-friendly no yes
Complete protein yes no (except soy or specific mixes)

Is protein powder bad for you vegan?

Melissa Piercell, ND, says that plant-based protein powder in moderation should be fine. “The vegetable products used in vegan protein powders come from the ground. Because of that, they can bring up some heavy metals from the soil. What’s found in the protein powder isn’t an added ingredient, it’s from the soil.”

Should I drink protein shakes if I dont eat meat?

Protein Needs

Most people eat far more protein than this on a daily basis, so supplementation with protein shakes isn’t necessary. Even if you don’t eat meat or animal products, you can easily meet your protein requirements with nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, quinoa and soy.

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Is whey protein plant-based?

Whey comes from cow; plant-based proteins do not contain animal products, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Whey protein is always complete; some plant proteins or blends may be incomplete, depending on their mix of vegetable based proteins.

Can Vegans eat whey protein powder?

As a byproduct of cheese production, whey is not vegan. Whey is obtained during cheese-making by straining off the liquid from curdled milk. Food processors typically dehydrate this liquid whey into powder.

Is whey protein OK if avoiding dairy?

Whey Isolate” is lactose free. It’s simply the milk protein without the lactose. So if you’re lactose intolerant, or become lactose intolerant, Whey Isolate is the best choice.

Is vegan protein powder bad for your kidneys?

To date, there is no evidence that consuming protein powder or high protein foods is harmful to bone, liver, or kidney health.

Is plant-based protein harmful?

Cramer: Certain plants can be excellent sources of protein, often with fewer calories and fewer potentially harmful effects than animal products. Some plant proteins, such as quinoa, are complete proteins—which means they contain all 9 essential amino acids that we need.

Does vegan protein powder make you gain weight?

Yes – Any Food Or Supplement Can Cause Weight Gain

If the rest of your diet isn’t in check or otherwise doesn’t allow for protein supplements, you could be getting more calories than you actually need. This could increase your risk of obesity, as is the same with any other food.