Which Ben and Jerry’s are vegetarian?

Is all Ben and Jerry’s vegetarian?

Did you know that all Ben & Jerry’s ice creams in Europe are suitable for Vegetarians? … Our ingredients are all suitable for Vegetarians, and are made using only free range eggs too.

Is Ben and Jerry cookie dough vegetarian?

Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Cookies on Cookie Dough is a caramel non-dairy ice cream dessert with a cookie swirl, cookie dough, and chocolatey chunks. Cookie and dough lovers, this flavor is where you find your vegan euphoria! It’s so hard to choose between cookies and cookie dough. … Plus, it’s all 100% vegan.

Is Ben and Jerry’s vanilla vegetarian?

All of Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice creams are made with non-GMO-sourced, certified vegan ingredients, and Fairtrade certified sugar, cocoa, and vanilla.

Are cookie dough chunks vegan?

Now, Ben & Jerry’s is rollin’ out the dough to fans across the United States.” The cookie dough chunks—which are the same chunks that are used in Ben & Jerry’s newly veganized almond milk-based flavor—will be sold in eight-serving half-pound bags for $4.99 at retailers nationwide.

Is Haagen Dazs ice cream vegetarian?

haagendazsUK on Twitter: “Yes, all of our Hӓagen-Dazs products are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians.

Is Nestle ice cream vegetarian?

Product Code

Wafer flavoured ice cream and chocolate flavoured ice cream coated in milk chocolate with wafer pieces. Each case contains 20 individual 90ml ice creams. Sold in a cardboard box, each ice cream is wrapped in plastic. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Is Breyers ice cream vegetarian?

Breyers Non-Dairy Desserts are made with ingredients that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products–including dairy, eggs, honey and sugar refined with bone-char.