You asked: Does Walmart carry dairy free sour cream?

Does Walmart carry dairy free products?

Dairy aisle finds

There will be no traditional milk, butter, or creamers, but that’s ok. Walmart has a variety of plant based alternatives. … plant based butters. dairy free yogurts.

Does Walmart have dairy free chocolate?

Enjoy Life Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars, Dairy Free Chocolate, Pack of 12 –

Is there lactose intolerant sour cream?

Lactose free varieties of many dairy products including cow’s milk, cream, sour cream and cream cheese are also now readily available. These products are identical to the regular variety, they simply have some lactase enzyme added to them, and so the lactose has already been digested for you!

How do you know if a product is dairy free?

The first place you can determine whether a food is dairy-free is on the product’s ingredient label. Food labels are required to note all the ingredients included in a product during manufacturing. In general, where food labels are concerned, short is good.

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