Your question: Does the Human Bean have dairy free options?

What milk alternatives does Human Bean have?

Dairy-free alternatives can also be a great option for creating a health conscious coffee beverage. At The Human Bean, we offer soy, almond and coconut milk at most of our locations. These dairy-free alternatives are low in fat and calories, contain no cholesterol and have up to 50% more calcium than dairy milk.

Does The Human Bean have vegan options?

The Human Bean

It offers a variety of vegan milk options, including soy, almond, coconut, and macadamia, all for a small additional charge. It doesn’t serve much food but does have small-bite items available, which vary by location. Be sure to ask your local barista about vegan options.

What almond milk does human bean use?

From a family-owned farm near the Eastern coast of Australia, Milkadamia is a favorite at The Human Bean. Not only does it give a drink a uniquely scrumptious flavor, this milk alternative is free of dairy, soy, GMO’s and gluten as well!

What is in human bean granita?

A granita is our signature espresso blended to perfection with milk from our local dairy and a touch of sweetness.

Is the Human Bean healthy?

The Human Bean offers almost limitless healthy choices on our menu. From dairy alternatives to sugar-free flavor choices, we are always striving to provide the highest quality ingredients for our customers. All of these options are great and allow you to personalize your drink to your specific needs and desires.

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What green tea does human bean use?

We sell a variety of green and black teas from Smith Tea that are delicious when served iced. Tea is lower in caffeine than coffee so can provide just the right amount of afternoon pick-me-up! Try our iced teas mixed with lemonade or also with a splash of your favorite fruity syrup.

What’s vegan at Aroma Joe’s?

Our only non dairy non meat options for food are bagels!