Your question: Is the vegetarian butcher owned by Unilever?

Is Vegetarian Butcher Unilever?

The Vegetarian Butcher, a Unilever owned producer of meat alternatives based in the Netherlands and operating across multiple markets, has today announced its products will be available to food service in China. A post by the brand on social media states: “Our food revolution just got bigger!

Who owns The Vegetarian Butcher?

When did Unilever buy Vegetarian Butcher?

At the end of 2018, The Vegetarian Butcher became part of the Unilever family. We catch up with CEO Hugo Verkuil as he looks back on two years of plant-based growth, campaigning and cooking.

What is The Vegetarian Butcher made from?

The flagship product from The Vegetarian Butcher, our vegan chicken chunks are made from soy and are a rich source of plant based protein, fibre and vitamin B12. This delicious plant based meat is at least as good as the original, many say.

Is The Vegetarian Butcher available in the US?

After spreading to almost 1,000 resellers in the Netherlands, through an exclusive deal, VB products are now coming to the US. 40% of Americans are looking for a healthier alternative to consuming meat everyday. Now they’ve found it. .

Is The Vegetarian Butcher healthy?

We have added vitamin B12 and iron to many of our products, but we do not make any specific health claims for our products. Our main focus is on great taste.

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Who owns Unilever?

Are Little Willies vegan?

Our soy is GMO free. Suitable for vegetarians. Our Little Willies are delicious miniature versions of the traditional Lincolnshire sausage and are, as tradition requires, flavoured with sage.

Allergy advice.

Typical values per 100g:
Fat 8,7g
Of which Saturates 0,6g
Carbohydrate 5,4g
Of which Sugars 1,2g