Your question: Is WKD Pink Gin vegan?

Is Pink Gin WKD vegan?

Products by WKD:

“We are pleased to say that all of our variants are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans including our new Pink Gin flavour.”

Is Wicked alcohol vegan?

Wicked Kitchen x SALT Brewery are excited to announce their collaboration on the newly crafted, limited-edition, vegan beer launched into 150+ Tesco stores! Wicked x Salt, Salt of the Earth is an easy-drinking, crisp Pale Ale with tropical aromas and balanced bitterness.

Is there gin in WKD pink gin?

Inspired by the latest trend, WKD Pink delivers a sophisticated blend of raspberry and gin flavours.

Is WKD dark fruit vegan?

Gluten free. Suitable for Vegans. Alcoholic mix flavour.

What does pink gin WKD taste like?

Let’s forget that it’s a very unnatural shade of pink, as we just know that it’ll pack a punch with its taste just like the other flavours… passion fruit, berry, mango, elderflower & blueberry, lemon & lime and iron brew. It’s a pre-mixed drink which makes it ideal for festivals and train journeys.

What alcohol does WKD have in it?

WKD is a sparkling flavoured vodka pre-mix drink, made by blending mixed fruit flavours with triple distilled vodka.

What is in WKD Berry?

WKD Berry is a sparkling alcoholic premix drink that is made by blending mixed fruit flavours with triple distilled vodka to give you a refreshing fruity taste.

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What is WKD dark fruit?

Sparkling Mixed Fruit Flavoured Alcoholic Malt-Based Premix. WKD Dark Fruit delivers mouth-watering notes of blackcurrant and blackberry with mild hints of apple. Contains Caffeine. The UK Chief Medical Officers recommend adults do not regularly drink more than 14 units per week.