Your question: What kind of dairy free cheese does mod use?

What dairy-free cheese does mod use?

MOD Pizza rolled out vegan Daiya mozzarella cheese to all of its locations following talks with PETA, and now, it’s introduced its first vegan meat option, a pea protein–based Italian sausage crumble from Plantly.

What kind of dairy-free cheese does Mellow Mushroom use?

Mellow Mushroom uses Follow Your Heart vegan cheese.

What is vegan at Mod?

In addition to these new plant-based crumbles (which will be a permanent menu item), the vegan options at MOD Pizza include regular and gluten-friendly crust, dairy-free cheese, a plethora of sauces, and loads of veggies! The BBQ Sauce, Garlic Rub, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Red Sauce are the vegan sauce options.

What is the white sauce at MOD Pizza?

white sauce

Contains soybean or coconut oil that is highly refined and therefore per the FDA is not considered to be an allergen.

Does MOD Pizza have lactose free cheese?

MOD Pizza was one of the first build-your-own pizza or salad chains to take off, and they’ve always been quite friendly to allergic diners. They offer dairy-free cheese, that’s stored separately at the locations we’ve seen, and the staff is trained to follow allergen protocols with special diet orders.

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What brand vegan cheese does Mellow Mushroom use?

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers has introduced a new Vegan Favorites menu featuring Daiya dairy-free vegan cheese and a gluten-free crust made with ancient grains.

What type of cheese does Mellow Mushroom use?

Our mozzarella is the highest quality available premium, part-skim real mozzarella. It’s been patiently aged to deliver the best creamy flavor and melt. It’s never frozen and we won’t allow the addition of any additives or preservatives used in lower cost cheeses.

What is Mellow Mushroom vegan cheese?

Mellow told us: “They can be ordered without [cheese and mayonnaise]. We don’t have vegan mayo, but we have vegan cheese (Daiya). It is not…a soy cheese.”

Does mod do vegan?

Vegans and vegetarians both have great options at MOD. Our regular and gluten-friendly pizza dough and vegan cheese are dairy-free. Then top off your pizza or salad with whatever sounds good – just be sure to let your MOD Squader know any restrictions.

Does MOD have vegan meat?

MOD Pizza has offered vegan cheese since 2015 and is now putting plant-based Italian sausage—its first vegan meat option—on the menu at its more than 500 locations across North America. On August 31, pizza chain MOD Pizza will add its first vegan meat topping to its more than 500 locations across North America.

Which mod sauces are vegan?

Four of the seven sauces are vegan-friendly. These sauces are the Balsamic Fig Glaze, BBQ Swirl, Hot Buffalo Sauce, and Red Sauce Dollops. Their Pesto Drizzle (Milk), Sri-rancha Sauce (Milk and Eggs), and Mike’s Hot Honey (Honey) are not vegan-friendly.

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