Are enjoy life chewy bars vegan?

What brand of yogurt is Keto friendly?

Are enjoy life bars Vegan?

Dark, divine and delicious, the rich, smooth flavor of our dairy-free and Vegan dark chocolate bar will satisfy all dark chocolate lovers. Enjoy 57% cacao in this allergy-friendly treat.

Is enjoy life plant-based?

All Enjoy Life Foods products are plant-based and made free from all dairy, casein, and gluten. In fact, each one of our items are free of 14 common food allergens!

Are Enjoy Life cookies egg free?

Are Enjoy Life products egg-free? Yes, all of our products are egg-free.

Is enjoy life ethical?

Our chocolate is not fair-trade certified. However, our supplier focuses on improving conditions for the cocoa farmers and is committed to operating in an ethical, responsible, and safe manner, with no child labor.

Are Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies vegan?

Enjoy Life gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are Non-GMO Project Verified and certified vegan, kosher and halal, letting you snack without worry. Made with premium, free-from ingredients, Enjoy Life vegan chocolate chip cookies give you permission to eat freely.

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