Are Laffy Taffy bites vegan?

Are Laffy Taffy bites vegan?

Laffy Taffy is vegan when it’s fun-sized.

The fun-sized versions of Laffy Taffy candies are vegan-friendly. But, be cautious with the larger version, it is not vegan because it contains eggs.

Does Laffy Taffy have pork in them?

All Laffy Taffy products are dairy free! The only animal products that appear in Laffy Taffys are eggs in the Stretchy and Tangy variety and Beeswax in the Jelly Beans.

Can Vegans have salt water taffy?

Yes, it’s vegan!! By using sweetened condensed coconut milk, we were able to make this Salt Water Taffy available for those with dairy allergies or preferences.

Is all salt water taffy vegan?

A rare find, Florida Candy Company has created an amazing vegan salt water taffy, packed with chewiness and flavor that you’ve been missing since most taffy has animal ingredients or artificial colorings used in their recipes.

Angel’s Tropical Salt Water Taffy by Florida Candy Factory.

Nut-Free: Yes
Soy-Free: Yes
Dairy Allergen Safe: Yes
Gluten-Free: Yes

Are there eggs in taffy?

The major allergens peanut, milk and egg are all listed within the ingredient statement itself. … This large size Laffy Taffy contains egg as an ingredient. Laffy Taffy®, small size (above). A smaller size Laffy Taffy does not have egg on the ingredient statement.

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