Are marathon dim sims gluten free?

Do Dim Sims have gluten?

At New Chinese Garden they understand that most Chinese dishes contain gluten which makes your favourite meals a thing of the past. … New Chinese Garden dim sims are made with 100% Australian chicken and wrapped in our signature gluten free pastry. Now you can enjoy dim sims the way you like – steamed or fried!

Can you buy gluten free dim sims?

Finally gluten free home made dim sims endorsed by the Coeliac Australia! Containing beef, cabbage, spices and tapioca starch, they are sold frozen in packs of 10 pieces and can be fried or steamed.

What is in a marathon Dim Sim?

Cabbage, Meat (24%) (Beef and/or Lamb), Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Water, Salt, Onion, Sugar, Onion Powder, Spice, Natural Flavour.

What are dim sum dumplings made of?

Regular dumplings (top ones in image above) which are made with flour-based wrappers. Crystal dumplings (bottom ones in image above) which are made with starch-based wrappers. After steaming, they look semi-transparent. The popular example is the classic dim sum dish Har Gow (crystal shrimp dumpling).

Is dim sum made of flour?

“The authentic dim sum or dumplings are made with a combination of wheat and potato starch and not refined flour.

How many calories does a marathon dim sim have?

Enjoy our Classic Dim Sims steamed instead of fried – only 197 calories per serve (2 dim sims).

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