Are sweet earth products vegetarian?

Are Sweet Earth burritos vegetarian?

Sweet Earth Big Sur Breakfast Burrito offers ingredients that matter and taste that delivers in a delicious frozen food. … This vegan burrito is Non-GMO Project Verified and contains 17 grams of protein. Enjoy an intentional blend of plant protein, vegetables, herbs and spices in this vegan breakfast food.

Are sweet earth products kosher?

We do our best to label all of our products that are kosher certified on our packaging. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific product. Why do I have to cook the Mindful Chik’n™?

Is Sweet Earth All vegetarian?

All Sweet Earth Frozen Pizzas are vegetarian, but at this time they have just one dairy-free and vegan option.

Are all sweet earth foods vegetarian?

They’re flavor-forward, mindful and 100% plant-based. Best of all, there’s a complete range of meat alternatives to satisfy your plant-based customers.

Is Sweet Earth awesome grounds vegan?

Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds contain 16 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber per serving. … Perfect for a plant based diet, Awesome Grounds are ideal for making vegetarian tacos, veggie burgers or meatless pasta dishes.

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