Are Tesco mini poppadoms vegan?

Are mini poppadoms gluten free?

Not suitable for Nut , Peanut and Wheat allergy sufferers and Coeliacs.

Are Lime and Coriander sensations vegan?

Sensations Lime & Coriander Chutney Poppadoms

Beware, not all their flavours are vegan and you should check the label for whey as well as some meat products as they do use real ingredients, but these are easy to spot. The little poppadum crisps are great in texture and taste with a hint of coriander.

Are sensations Poppadoms crisps?

Here at Sensations, we believe in stepping into the extra-ordinary every day. Our delicious range of crisps and snacks deliver authentic flavours, intense aromas and mouth-watering recipes, evocative of a range of extra-ordinary experiences from enticing destinations to memorable moments with friends and family.

Is gram flour gluten free?

Yes, gram flour is gluten-free. Gram flour, also called besan, garbanzo flour, or chickpea flour, is made from ground chickpeas, which are naturally gluten-free. … This flour has a nutty taste, a grainy texture and lots of fiber and protein.

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