Are vimto jelly babies gluten free?

Can celiacs drink Vimto?

Vimto says on its website: “Vimto is classed as gluten-free. There is a very small amount of gluten present which carries through from the barley malt used in its manufacture, but the level is far below the threshold above which it would be considered to contain gluten (20 parts per million).”

Are vimto jelly babies vegan?

A small range of our Vimto confectionery products do contain animal derivatives, and therefore may be unsuitable for vegetarians and vegan diets, these include: Vimto Jelly Babies. Vimto Fizzy Pencils.

Are Vimto jelly beans vegetarian?

Mini Jelly Beans, contains real fruit juice Bursting with fruity fun! Suitable for vegetarians Ingredients and Allergens Sugar, Glucose Syru…

Is there gluten in jelly sweets?

Other types of candy made by Jelly Belly are known to contain gluten. Jelly Belly products that contain gluten include: Black Licorice Buttons.

Are vimto millions gluten-free?

Vimto flavoured millions jar. 227g. Naturally coloured and contains real fruit juice. Gluten free.

Is Ribena gluten-free?

Does Ribena contain any gluten? We do not use any ingredients which contain gluten in our Ribena products.

Are Vimto freeze pops vegan?

Bigger Pack More to Enjoy. Natural colour. Real fruit juice. Suitable for vegetarians.

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