Are Zoeva eyeshadows vegan?

Where is Zoeva eyeshadow made?

ZOEVA is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and employs 70 employees in fields, ranging from product development to sales. ZOEVA color cosmetics are entirely manufactured in Europe and its makeup brushes are handmade under the supervision of Korean brush masters in China.

Is Zoeva synthetic?

Handmade with premium components. Made with soft, pure synthetic hair that maintains its shape. Secure thanks to crimped brass ferrules. Durable with wooden handles that are coated with 6 layers of lacquer.

Is Zoeva vegan and cruelty-free?

ZOEVA does not conduct or condone testing on animals. We are committed to providing high-quality products that are cruelty-free. While some of our natural hair brushes are made from animal hair and some of our color cosmetics are not vegan, no animals are ever harmed during the manufacturing process.

Are Zoeva eyeshadows vegan?

Our eyeshadow palettes are not vegan. However, we do offer a range of vegan brushes, lipsticks and brow products on our website.

Is Zoeva sold in China?

No, Zoeva is not sold in China. Zoeva sells makeup and makeup brushes made from a combination of synthetic materials and animal hair.

Is Zoeva a good brand?

Zoeva cosmetics boasts high-end-quality makeup products and tools, at low (not quite drug-store, but pretty decent) prices. For all those who want to look beautiful without having to spend too much – this one’s for you!

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Is Morphe cruelty-free?

Morphe is cruelty-free. We do not test our products or any of our ingredients on animals. … They claim: “We do not test our products or any of our ingredients on animals.” This only addresses Morphe as a company, however most animal testing occurs at the supplier or third party level.