Best answer: Are Blue rebels vegan?

What is dairy free at Dutch Bros?

Our drinks are great dairy-free! We can make them with any of our plant based milks, including oat, almond and coconut. If you’re vegan and your diet allows for cane sugar, most of our products will work for you.

What is vegan at Black Rock?

Black Rock Coffee Bar

This trendy coffee bar offers a variety of vegan milk options—including almond, coconut, and soy—for an additional charge. Some locations also have hemp milk. Food options are locally sourced and vary based on location.

Is Dutch Bros tea vegan?

As long as you avoid the chocolate, the Dutch Bros iced teas are a safe bet for vegans. Still, their teas tend to be too sweet for some, so it’s best to order them half sweet if you’re like we are.

Does Dutch Bros have milk alternatives?

Dutch Bros Coffee adopted the milk alternative after testing in select markets in May 2020 and went company-wide to its more than 400 shops in August 2020. Oat Milk is now available with any drink and is currently featured in Dutch Bros Coffee’s Oat Milk Kicker.

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