Best answer: Are Kite Hill products gluten free?

Is Kite Hill gluten-free?

Some are gluten-free (all products are GF except for ravioli which are made in a separate facility from the rest of their products), vegan, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO project verified, no artificial colors or flavors or preservatives or sweeteners, made with almond milk.

Are Kite Hill products healthy?

Kite Hill is a Silicon Valley-based startup that makes plant-based “cheeses” and other products that it claims are healthy, good for the environment, and above all, taste good.

Is Kite Hill yogurt gluten-free?

Kite Hill’s yogurts come in five flavors: plain, strawberry, peach, blueberry, and vanilla. Each single-serving cup is 5.3 ounces, which makes it perfectly portioned. … The only declared allergens are almonds, which make the yogurts free from gluten, egg, soy, as well as vegan.

Is Kite Hill cream cheese low Fodmap?

This product is likely low FODMAP at 1 serving.

Is there a cream cheese made from almond milk?

Level-up your breakfast with schmear of savory, creamy Almond Milk Cream Cheese Alternative from Kite Hill. … It even bakes just like dairy cream cheese in all your favorite recipes, so swap it 1:1 to make rich cheesecakes, fudgy brownies, and tangy cream cheese frostings that nobody will know is dairy-free!

Does Kite Hill use carrageenan?

Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt Gets a New Look and Taste

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The flavor images below show what to look for in the store. It’s still unfortified, but carrageenan-free and cultured with four types of probiotics.

What is in dairy free cream cheese?

Instead of milk, dairy free cream cheese is typically made from plant-based ingredients such as almond milk or tofu. It can be spread on nutritious grains like 100% whole wheat bagels or whole grain crackers. It can also be used in recipes, from savory dips to sweet desserts.