Best answer: Is Pei Wei fried rice gluten free?

What is in Pei Wei fried rice?

Fried Rice – Fresh, steamed white meat chicken, soy sauce, scallions, egg, red bell peppers, bean sprouts and carrots.

What’s gluten free at Pei Wei?

Gluten Free

  • GF Edamame. 160-320 Calories.
  • GF Asian Chopped Chicken Salad. $9.29.
  • GF Beef & Broccoli. 790 Calories.
  • GF Chicken & Broccoli. 790 Calories.
  • GF Chicken Fried Rice. 1106 Calories.
  • GF Kung Pao Shrimp. 740 Calories.
  • GF Kung Pao Chicken. 975 Calories.
  • GF Mongolian Steak. 760 Calories.

Are lettuce wraps at Pei Wei gluten free?

Menu offerings include wok classics featuring rice, noodle and salad bowls along with lighter options such as lettuce wraps and sushi. Dishes are easily customized for a variety of palates and diets, including gluten-friendly and vegetarian. Pei Wei owns and operates restaurants in 20 states.

Is Pei Wei fried rice vegan?

Pei Wei’s vegan options include customizable stir-fried rice bowls with flavors inspired by Chinese and Thai cuisines. The fast-casual chain lists vegetarian options on its menu with a green leaf icon, but some of these contain honey and butter.

How many calories are in Pei Wei fried rice?

Nutrition Facts

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Calories 750 (3138 kJ)
Cholesterol 152 mg 51%
Sodium 2360 mg 98%
Total Carbohydrate 118 g 39%
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16%

Is Pei Wei chicken breaded?

Pei Wei aims to take on Panda Express with the debut of new “Wei Better Orange Chicken.” Whereas Panda Express’ Orange Chicken starts with frozen breaded chicken that is deep-fried at each locations, Pei Wei’s take on the dish starts with fresh, never frozen chicken that is cut and prepared at each location.

Does tempura batter have gluten?

Crispy fried vegetables and seafood, Tempura is one of the most popular Japanese foods. Regrettably, people with celiac disease can’t enjoy it because tempura batter is usually made of wheat flour which contains gluten.

Does Pei Wei have lettuce wraps?

At dinner, lettuce wraps are a tasty and shareable starter to enjoy with friends or family before an entrée such as a signature dish or noodle bowl wok’d fresh to order. …

How many carbs are in Pei Wei chicken lettuce wraps?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 810 (3389 kJ)
Total Carbohydrate 66 g 22%
Dietary Fiber 7 g 28%
Sugars 21 g
Protein 34 g