Best answer: Is Pepsi Max caffeine free vegan?

Is there a Caffeine Free Pepsi Max?

Pepsi Max, Pepsi-Cola and the Pepsi Glove are Trade Marks of PepsiCo, Inc. Under the Authority of PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, N.Y., U.S.A. Best Served Chilled. Carbonated Low Calorie Caffeine Free Cola Flavoured Soft Drink with Sweeteners.

Is Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free vegetarian?

Diet Pepsi is only suitable for vegetarians as it contains traces of ingredients that are not suitable for people following a vegan diet.”

Can vegans drink Pepsi Max Cherry?

Hi @shutupjaff Yes both Pepsi Max Ginger & Pepsi Max Cherry are suitable for Vegans. Enjoy!

What is bad about Pepsi Max?

Why you shouldn’t drink Pepsi Max? While Diet Coke and Pepsi Max don’t contain any sugar, they are still packed with artificial sweeteners. Both fizzy drinks contain aspartame and acesuflame K. The former has been linked to an increased chance of brain tumours, cancer, premature birth, liver damage and allergies.

What has more caffeine Pepsi Max or coffee?

And while soda is lower in caffeine than coffee, you can still overdo it (a 12-ounce can of Pepsi® or Coca Cola® has about 35 mg of caffeine). … One cup of coffee or one can of diet soda per day is usually fine. If you’re having more, consider gradually switching to drinks lower in caffeine and higher in nutrients.

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Does Diet Pepsi contain pork?

Does Pepsi Have Pork In It? Pepsi does not contain pork, pig’s blood, pig extract, or pig fat. PepsiCo has stated that Pepsi is “suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets,” which means it is pork-free.

Why is Diet Pepsi not suitable for vegans?

Diet Pepsi is only suitable for vegetarians as it contain traces of ingredients that are not suitable for people following a vegan diet. … And some fruit juices, including those served at Wagamama, are classified as non-vegan because the fruit used is waxed with shellac – a resin gathered from the ‘lac’ beetle.

Is Diet Pepsi vegan 2020?

Is Pepsi suitable for vegetarians/vegans? Our entire range is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, apart from Diet Pepsi which isn’t suitable for vegans.

Is Pepsi Max vegan Australia?

Yes, Pepsi MAX is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. It contains no animal products.