Does Iron Age have vegetarian options?

How much food did the Iron Age eat?

Iron Age is known for its affordable all-you-can-eat menus ($20-to-$25 per person in the Washington suburbs) and industrial red-and-black decor. DC diners can expect the same, though some locations have slight menu variations.

Is Iron Age all you can eat?


Our locations operate on a first come first serve basis. In order to provide the shortest wait time possible, we ask that our guests honor our location specific dining time limit. Please call the location for more information on reservations as each location will have varying requirements.

How do Korean BBQ eat vegetarian?

Get your vegains on with tofu.

Some places carry “tofu steak,” which is slabs of tofu that come out on a sizzling plate. Yum! Other versions include tofu sundubu, which is a spicy tofu stew. Make it vegan by requesting a water-based broth and ask for no egg in your piping-hot bowl.

How much does it cost to eat at Iron Age?

Menu B is $20.00 per person, menu A is $8.00-16.00 per person. Both menus are unlimited, all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, but plan A has fewer selections than the menu B.

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Do you cook your own food at Iron Age?

Review of Iron Age Korean. Enjoy as much steak, chicken, pork, squid and shrimp as you can cook and eat. Meats are brought to your table two at a time and you cook yourself on a grill in the center of your table. …

Is Iron Age expensive?

“expensive unless you want all-you-can-eat” Review of Iron Age Korean Restaurant. Sometimes I crave for this Korean style pork belly, but it’s hard to cook at home. … They charged about $12 per serve, and now Iron age became popular and it’s about $15 per serve, and all-you-can-eat is $18 per person.

Does Iron Age have a dress code?

Casual attire, but(No cut off jeans, or jeans with holes in the knees.) over a year ago.

Does Iron Age serve rice?

With it, you can have all you can eat beef brisket, pork belly in several flavors, and fried rice at the end.

What do vegans order at Korean restaurants?

Nearly every Korean restaurant will have a selection of vegan-friendly dishes. Look for choices like vegetable soondubu chigae (tofu stew), tofu mandu (dumplings), and bibimbap (rice with a bunch of cooked veggies thrown on top).

Does Gen have tofu?

Among all the other responses, they also have fried tofu! Lisa H. Yes, there are several options – rice, rice paper, mushrooms and veggie medley, a lot of the side dishes are vegetarian – not sure if kimchee has fish sauce at this place, grilled corn, some tofu dishes. Might want to call ahead to be sure.

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