Does Panera Bread have vegan soups?

Is Panera vegetable soup vegan?

Lucky for anyone trying to eat clean in 2019, Panera’s Ten Vegetable Soup is both vegan (the only vegan soup on Panera’s menu) and Mediterranean diet-approved. … A cup of the new soup has 70 calories and 3 grams of protein, while a bowl has 100 calories and 5 grams of protein.

Is the tomato soup at Panera vegan?

Is Panera Tomato Soup is Vegan? Even though the Panera website touts that the soup is Vegetarian, it still contains dairy-products including cream and milk.

Is Panera corn chowder vegan?

Any vegetarian knows that salads can be a safe choice when eating out with a group of friends. … Most of Panera’s soups have a chicken broth base, but they also offer a couple of completely vegetarian options, such as Summer Corn Chowder, Black Bean Soup, and Garden Vegetable Soup.

Does Panera Ten Vegetable Soup have dairy?

Though the soup contains no dairy or meat, there are still some allergens to look out for. Because of the red fife, the soup does contain wheat. … The vegan Ten Vegetable Soup is available now at all Panera Bread locations.

Is Panera’s 10 vegetable soup vegan?

Panera customers who are looking for options free of animal-derived ingredients can now order the vegan Ten Vegetable Soup on any day of the week. As part of a push to become more vegan-friendly, the chain previously introduced two vegan broth bowls.

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Does tomato soup have dairy?

You can’t really talk about tomato soup without mentioning Campbell’s. While many of this company’s tomato soups contain dairy, Campbell’s Homestyle Soup Harvest Tomato With Basil does not. Instead, this soup is made primarily with tomato purée, water, wheat flour, sugar.

Is there cream in the Panera tomato soup?

Vine-ripened tomatoes pureed with fresh cream for a velvety smooth flavor, accented by hints of garlic and oregano.

Does Panera Corn Chowder have dairy?

I have been intrigued by Panera Bread’s Summer Corn Chowder. Unfortunately it is full of dairy and gluten and does not meet our dietary needs. … I like the thickness of the Original and this chowder is filled with so many veggies, that it doesn’t pack a ton of calories to begin with.

Is Panera’s corn chowder gluten free?

Order as is: Romaine & Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken, Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa, Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken Salad, Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup, Baked Potato Soup, or the Veggie Summer Corn Chowder. … Their heartier soups are also deceivingly gluten-free. Both of these soups use wheat in their broths.

Is the summer corn chowder at Panera good?

The Panera Bread Summer Corn Chowder is a seasonal soup that must be tried. I look for it each Spring. The taste of the chowder reminds of a dip from south of the border. If you like spicy corn, then this chowder is just the thing for you.