Frequent question: Is there anything vegan at Little Caesars?

What is vegan at Little Caesars?

The Little Caesars’ regular crust and their regular marinara sauce are vegan. When you’re ordering a pizza, keep these basics and ask for a pie without cheese. … I recommend sticking with the classic veggie pie for a mix of classic vegetable toppings, and asking for it without cheese to make it vegan.

Does Little Caesars have anything vegan?

Little Caesars is now offering vegan pepperoni made by Field Roast at hundreds of its locations nationwide, making it the largest chain in the country to offer a meatless version of pepperoni.

Can I get vegan pizza at Little Caesars?

Little Caesars has plenty of vegan pizza options to choose from, including tons of veggie-toppings and of course some tasty vegan-friendly sides to go with your pizza.

What pizza chain has vegan cheese?

Blaze Pizza is a pizza chain that offers many vegan options, and has locations all over the United States. The traditional pizza crust is vegan, and there is also a gluten-free crust option available that is plant-based, as well. They offer an abundance of vegetables, and even have vegan cheese available — yum!

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