Frequent question: What is vegan steak bake?

How can you tell the difference between a vegan and a steak bake?

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vegan Steak Bake is the difference in the lines on its pastry exterior. While the regular Steak Bake has diagonal cuts going across it, the veggie version has horizontal lines.

Are Greggs vegan steak bakes vegan?

Yes, our Vegan Steak Bake is having a well-deserved rest, but don’t worry you can still buy them in Iceland stores! But there’s plenty of regular steak bake.

What is in a Greggs vegan bake?

For the vegan version of the bake, the turkey filling has been switched with Quorn mycoprotein pieces, along with sage and onion stuffing and a vegan bacon crumb. The whole thing is then finished with a sage and cranberry sauce and all encased in a vegan-friendly puff pastry.

Is Greggs vegan steak bake discontinued?

The leading food-on-the-go retailer has been treating the tastebuds of the UK’s vegans, flexitarians and pasty fans since 2019 when it launched its infamous Vegan Sausage Roll followed by the Vegan Steak Bake in 2020 (but unfortunately the Vegan Steak Bake has been discontinued).

How much protein is in a Greggs Steak Bake?


Typical Values Oven baked Per 100g Oven Baked Per Bake (136g)
kcal 310kcal 420kcal
Protein 10.5g 14.5g
Carbohydrates 21.0g 28.5g
Fat 19.5g 26.5g
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How much protein is in a Greggs vegan sausage roll?

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per 100g Per portion (101g)
Carbohydrate 23g 23g
of which Sugars 1g 1g
Protein 11g 11g
Salt 1.9g 1.9g

When did Greggs release vegan steak bake?

After months of rumours and leaks, it’s finally happening: Greggs is launching a vegan Steak Bake, landing in stores on 2 January 2020.