Is Box Angel Food Cake gluten free?

Does angel food cake contain gluten?

Since angel food cake gets it’s structure from egg whites, it is really easy to make gluten-free. It is moist and light with great height and flavor. I actually love this cake because it tastes a little more special than the regular box cake everyone is used to eating.

Does Betty Crocker angel food cake mix have gluten?

According to the Betty Crocker website, their angel food cake mix contains wheat, egg, and soy ingredients.

Is it healthy to eat angel food cake?

But some desserts, such as angel food cake, are naturally less deadly on the calorie and fat scales, so a full-size portion on occasion won’t wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy diet. … Angel food cake gets its lift from beaten egg whites.

Is it OK for diabetics to eat angel food cake?

This delicious Sugar Free Angel Food Cake recipe is super easy to make, low carb, and perfect for diabetics. An incredible sugar free dessert.

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