Is bread bowl at Panera vegan?

Does Panera have vegan baked goods?

Panera Bread is meant to bring certain comfort food to the customer, whether it’s a delicious bowl of soup or a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Even though Panera does not offer any vegan desserts, the restaurant’s bakery features several fresh dairy-free bread items.

Is Panera Baja grain bowl vegan?

Baja Grain Bowl: A vegetarian Mexican-inspired rice & quinoa bowl with black bean and corn salsa, salsa verde, avocado, and feta.

Which Panera Bread bagels are vegan?

Bagels. Several of their bagels are perfect for vegans, including the blueberry, everything, whole grain, plain, sesame, and sprouted grain bagel flat. Obviously, cream cheese is a no-go.

Are the bread bowls at Panera vegan?

Please note that the Bread Bowl is an acceptable vegan option for your soups.

Is Panera Bread bread vegan?

The vegan options at Panera Bread include enough of a variety for you easily pick up something for breakfast or lunch. Many of their breads and bagels are vegan. They also offer quite a few varieties of salads that with a few modifications can be made vegan.

Are Panera bread bowls good?

Basically, while you’re safe ordering a bowl of fresh vegetable soup at Panera, you can’t say the same if you convert that into a bread bowl. You’ll be looking at major calories. … The bowl, by itself, has 200 calories. As lovely as sourdough bread is, it’s not too great for your waistline and health.

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Does Panera sell just bread bowls?

This is a huge development because it means you can buy the Panera soups and mac & cheeses (or make your own version!) and plate them in a bread bowl just like they do at the restaurant. All you have to do is make your own, soup-sized hole in it.

Is Panera vegan friendly?

Vegan breads and baked goods at Panera

Many of the bagels (plain, everything, blueberry, sesame, whole grain, and sprouted grain flat) are vegan, along with several of the freshly baked breads.

Is Panera cherry vanilla bagel vegan?

The non-vegan bagels include the ones listed below: Sprouted Grain Bagel – it contains honey derived from bees. … The Asiago Bagel – it has milk. The Cherry Vanilla Bage – it is made of milk and honey.

Do Panera Bread bagels have eggs?

The Chai Tea Concentrate, Sprouted Grain Bagels, Whole Grain Breads, and Tomato Basil Miche at Panera are egg-free, but contain honey.