Is Church’s Chicken coleslaw vegan?

What is vegan in Churchs Chicken?

Vegan Menu Options at Church’s Chicken:

Corn on the cob. French fries. Jalapeno Peppers (lol) Dinner rolls.

Is Church’s Chicken okra vegan?

According to their Allergen Guide, the Okra at Church’s contains dairy so it is not vegan. The dairy is most likely from the breading used to coat the okra.

Is Tongue Torch sauce vegan?

You could ask for any of these vegan sauces for dipping your fries, chips, celery, or Texas Toast: Wimpy. Tongue Torch. … Teriyaki sauce.

How much is Church’s Chicken coleslaw?

Church’s Chicken Menu & Prices (Updated: October 2021)

Food Size Price
Cole Slaw Medium $2.59
Cole Slaw Large $2.99
Cole Slaw Family $3.99
Jalapeño Cheese Bombers Small $1.79

Are Churchs fries vegan?

French fries are the classic fall-back restaurant option for vegans. And they’re a solid choice at Church’s, too. … As is typically the case at fast-food restaurants, the fries are likely cooked in a shared fryer with chicken or other animal products.

Are Popeyes vegan options?

Popeyes doesn’t have many vegan options at all, but they do have a few. I’d never recommend going here as a vegan though, as almost everything contains animal products, and some quite nasty unexpected ones at that. If you are a non-vegan looking for a vegan family member or friend, thanks for that.

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Does Church’s Chicken have fried okra?

Fried okra is a passion – and hard to get just right. Ours is cut into delicious bite-sized bits, then fried to the perfect level of crisp.

Does KFC sell fried okra?

Kfc – Fried Battered-Dipped Okra.

What are Church’s Chicken sides?

Church’s features 12 side options, including standards like french fries and mashed potatoes but extending to outside-the-box options like fried okra, jalapeño cheese bombers, spicy rice, sweet corn nuggets, and Southern-style green beans.

What sauces at Zaxby’s are vegan?

There are several sauce options for vegans at Zaxby’s. If you were worried about eating the above options plain, simply pick one of these sauces. Ask them as sides for your Texas toast, crinkle fries, or tater chips.


  • Tongue torch.
  • Wimpy.
  • Sweet and spicy.
  • BBQ sauce.
  • Teriyaki sauce.
  • Insane.
  • Nuclear.

Is anything at Zaxbys vegan?

Every Zaxby’s Vegan Option:

Tater Chips (no Ranch dressing) Crinkle Fries. Texas Toast (may want to confirm no butter as sometimes they butter it) Celery Sticks (no Ranch dressing)