Is Dolly Mix vegetarian?

Is there gelatine in dolly mixtures?

Dolly mixture is a traditional British confection composed of small pieces of fondant and sugared jelly. … Dolly mixture contains sugar, glucose syrup, and beef gelatin in addition to modified maize starch and vegetable oil. It also contains citric acid, flavorings, and fat-reduced cocoa.

Is Barratt Dolly Mix halal?

Dolly Mixture Sweets Fruity flavoured assortment of tiny tasty sweets Traditional sweet shop favourites Halal Accredited Sweets 1.8g per piece Items are wrapped in clear sealed plastic bag and boxed with product details included. … These sweets are included in our large HALAL range.

Do dolly mixtures contain milk?

Traditional favourite, a mixture of gummy and jelly sweets for kids of all ages to enjoy. All natural colours and flavours. May contain traces of milk. Gluten free.

Who makes Dolly mixture?

Reminiscent of much simpler times, the Dolly Mixture has been produced by UK sweet maker Bassett’s since the 1950s. Not only that, but for us the humble Dolly Mixture reminds us of traditional sweet shops, spending our pocket money on sweets and also the much-missed Woolworth’s pick and mix!

Do drumsticks have pork gelatin?

There is no pork gelatine listed on the ingredients either on the box or on the drumstick wrapper itself.

Can vegetarians eat Moams?

Hi Devika, MAOAM products contain pig gelatin, so are not suitable for vegetarians.

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