Is Happy Harvest canned corn gluten free?

Is happy harvest corn gluten free?

INGREDIENTS: Corn, Water, Salt. Gluten free.

Is great value corn gluten free?

No. It is a starch hydrolysate. It is typically made from corn but can be made from wheat. If maltodextrin contains protein from wheat, then the word wheat must be included in the ingredients list or Contains statement.

Who makes happy harvest canned?

This is a brand page for the HAPPY HARVEST trademark by Aldi Inc. in BATAVIA, IL, 605101479.

HAPPY HARVEST Trademark Information.

Registration Date: 12/16/2003

Where does Aldi sweetcorn come from?

100% of our corn is Australian grown.

All our fresh corn is grown right here in Australia.

Is Walmart cornstarch gluten-free?

Argo Corn Starch – 16 oz. (pack of 2) 100% PURE Gluten Free –

Are Walmart Great Value spices gluten-free?

Are Great Value (Walmart) Spices Gluten Free? Walmart has increasingly elevated its gluten-free offerings over the years, and even its store brand, Great Value, offers many GF-labeled products.

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