Is Kerrymaid butter vegan?

Is Kerrymaid dairy free?

This Dairy Free Baking Block is Perfect for Cooking and Baking in Both Sweet and Savoury Recipes.

Is Kerrymaid butter gluten free?

Dietary Suitability: Suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliac. Gluten Free.

Who makes Kerrymaid butter?

The co-operative is Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish dairy products and owns the Kerrygold butter and cheese brand as well as Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur. In conjunction to the Kerrygold brand, its brand portfolio consists of Pilgrims Choice, Dubliner, Shannongold, and BEO milk powder.

Who makes Kerrymaid?

Kerry Group has lost a lengthy legal case it took to allow its Kerrymaid dairy brand be used in international markets. Kerry Group had originally applied to have the Kerrymaid brand registered as a trademark in the EU but this was challenged by Ornua, which owns the Kerrygold brand.

Is Kerrymaid Irish?

Also playing a role is T&S, a company under Spanish law, which imports margarine into Spain under the KERRYMAID sign and distributes it there. This margarine is produced in Ireland by the Kerry Group.

Can you use Kerrymaid butter for baking?

Kerrygold butter has a lower water content than other types of butter, and this means one very important thing when it comes to baking: flakiness. … Using high-quality butter in your favorite baked good recipes (like cookies, croissants, and scones) guarantees you’ll have the richest, most delicious pastries.

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