Is Nandos imitator vegan?

Is anything vegan at Nandos?

There are lots of vegan options at Nando’s! There are plenty of flame grilled and extra hot vegan options just for you. From olives to pea protein wraps, there’s something for all on the Nando’s menu. It’s easy to see why the chain from South Africa is one of the world’s most popular.

Is Nandos vegan actually vegan?

We’re not a vegan restaurant, but we do try and make sure there’s something for everyone at Nando’s. Whether you’re going full vegan, looking into a more plant-based diet, going flexitarian or just a bit curious about the vegan life, our menu has plenty of meat-free options.

Do Nandos sauces contain shellac?

The Great Imitator is a plant-based recipe however the wrap and baste contain shellac. We do our very best to make sure all our meat-free items are kept separate from our meat ones, including different areas of the grills and separate bottles of baste for each.

Is Nandos burger bun vegan?

Burgers, Pittas & Wraps. The Great Imitator Burger – Tastes like the famous PERi-PERi chicken, but completely plant-based! … Served in a bun with plant-based PERinaise, lettuce, and tomato. The Great Imitator Wrap – Tastes like the famous PERi-PERi chicken, but completely plant-based!

Is shellac vegetarian friendly?

Products containing shellac (the food glaze) are not vegan, because shellac is not plant-based and therefore not suitable for vegans.

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What is shellac in food?

In foods, shellac is most commonly used as a coating or glaze on confections, chewing gum, fruit, and coffee beans. … The two most common ones in use today are “resinous glaze” or “confectioner’s glaze.” In general, all Easter candy (eggs and jelly beans) are coated.