Is the vegan KFC burger nice?

Is the KFC plant-based burger good?

The exterior is crispy and has the signature KFC spices embedded throughout. The texture is a bit on the dry side, but it didn’t turn me off. We’ve had a lot of plant-based sandwiches and this was actually pretty good for KFC. It won’t be the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten, but it satisfies the KFC cravings.

Is KFC vegan burger really vegan?

What is the KFC vegan burger made of? The company says its vegan burger is a “bespoke” vegan Quorn fillet made from Mycoprotein. … Unfortunately the vegan burger is not offered as a meal, since KFC fries are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to being cooked in the same oil as the popcorn chicken.

What is in KFC vegan burger?

Our new Original Recipe Vegan Burger is made in partnership with Quorn® using KFC’s iconic Original Recipe coating. The burger includes a vegan Quorn® fillet, with iceberg lettuce and vegan mayonnaise.

Does the plant based Whopper taste good?

The Vegan Whopper was the less impressive of the two, but it still packed that flame-grilled flavour Burger King is known for. … The most important bit for most people won’t be looks though – it’ll be flavour.

How much is KFC vegan burger?

Since renamed the Original Recipe Vegan Burger, it uses Quorn instead of chicken breast fillet for the burger, which is then coated in the Colonel’s Original Recipe herbs and spices and served with vegan mayonnaise, fresh iceberg lettuce and a soft-glazed bun – and all for £3.99.

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What is the KFC plant-based chicken sandwich made of?

As for the plants going into the new product, the list of ingredients posted on KFC Canada’s website for the Plant-Based KFC sandwich includes wheat flour, soy protein, tapioca starch, corn flour, citrus fibre, dried garlic, faba bean protein isolate, wheat gluten, soy flour, modified corn starch, rice flour and dried …