Is Woolworths mud cake gluten free?

Where are Woolworths mud cakes made?

“The majority of our Woolworths chocolate mud cake bases are created off-site by a leading Australian bakery supplier and then delivered to our store for our teams to complete the final touches.”

Why is it called a mud cake?

The mud cake is believed to have originated in the Southern part of the United States near the Mississippi River. The name for the cake was coined when it was found to resemble the color of the mud along the river banks. It was first baked in 1970 and is believed to have evolved from the brownie.

How do you keep a mud cake moist?

Use Baking Strips.

If you’re baking a dense cake, like a mud cake or a fruitcake, and it needs a long slow baking time, then using baking strips will protect the outside of the cake and slow down the browning of the crust so it doesn’t dry out before the centre of the cake is done.

Can you freeze Woolies mud cake?

About 3 months ago I froze a mudcake I had topped with buttercream. Defrosted it last week and the cake and buttercream were both still as good as when first made.

Is Woolworths cake halal?

@Fatimasm1 Our assorted vanilla, chocolate & Red Velvet cupcakes, Black Forest, Banana, Red Velvet, Vanilla & Carrot Cakes etc. are Halaal.

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