Question: Are Nilla Wafers gluten free?

Do they have gluten free vanilla wafers?

Enjoy a sweet snack with Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers. They are made without nuts or dairy products.

Does Walmart have gluten free vanilla wafers?

Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers, 6.3 oz, (Pack of 6) –

What can I use instead of Nilla Wafers?

Substitute For Vanilla Wafers

  • If you’re using them as a cookie any small sugar or butter cookie will suffice.
  • OR – Replace vanilla (Nilla) wafers with shortbread cookies.
  • OR – For making a pie or dessert crust you can substitute graham cracker crumbs.
  • OR – Chocolate wafers, crushed make a good pie crust.

Are there gluten-free communion wafers?

The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Wafers Can’t Be Used for Communion. … Bread and wafers used in the sacrament “must be unleavened, purely of wheat, and recently made so that there is no danger of decomposition,” the letter reads. “Hosts that are completely gluten-free are invalid matter for the celebration of the Eucharist.”

What can I substitute for Nabisco chocolate wafers?

If you don’t have chocolate wafers then here are a couple good alternatives:

  • If you want another chocolate cookie to use for a pie crust you could substitute equal amounts of Oreo cookies ground in a blender until fine.
  • OR – You could vary the flavor and use Vanilla wafers (ground fine if used for a crust).
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Are there gluten free cookies?

1. Enjoy Life Gluten-Free Soft Baked Cookies. Enjoy Life soft baked cookies are definitely one of the best gluten-free cookies out there. They are made in dedicated allergen free facilities, have only clean ingredients, and, best of all, they taste delicious.

Is kinnikinnick vanilla wafers vegan?

Other moderately well-known brands like the Kinnikinnick Vanilla Wafer Cookies are dairy-free but contain egg byproducts: Cane sugar.

Do Nilla Wafers have lactose?

Both Nabisco Nilla Wafers and generic vanilla wafers are non-vegan. Nilla Wafers contain milk derivatives, and generic versions of the cookie tend to contain egg and other non-vegan ingredients. … After all, the term wafer simply refers to cookies or crackers that are very light, thin, and crispy.