Quick Answer: Are Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Bites Vegan?

Are cookie dough chunks vegan?

Now, Ben & Jerry’s is rollin’ out the dough to fans across the United States.” The cookie dough chunks—which are the same chunks that are used in Ben & Jerry’s newly veganized almond milk-based flavor—will be sold in eight-serving half-pound bags for $4.99 at retailers nationwide.

Does Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough Bites have raw eggs?

We are happy to remind parents-to-be everywhere that all of the milk, cream, and eggs used in our flavors are pasteurized during the production process. Pasteurized eggs are also used in all of our chunks and swirls, such as cookie dough or brownie batter.

Is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie dough gluten free?

Is Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough gluten free? Ben & Jerry’s standard chocolate chip cookie dough is not gluten-free. The Oatmeal Cookie Chunk available at Scoop Shops is made with gluten-free oatmeal cookies. Gluten-free customers at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops can also request a fresh scoop from a new tub of ice cream.

Do cookie dough Bites have raw egg?

They were such a hit, in fact, that Ben & Jerry’s decided it was time to roll them out nationwide, meaning you’ll be able to pop into your grocery store and grab a bag to stress-eat whenever a craving hits. They’re safe to eat because they contain pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour.

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Can I eat Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough when pregnant?

Pasteurized eggs are also used in all of our add-ins, such as raw cookie dough or brownie batter. There’s also no need for concern about alcohol or caffeine content in any of our flavors. Any trace amounts are perfectly safe for you and your unborn ice cream aficionado.

Does Cookie Dough ice cream have raw eggs?

Homemade cookie dough ice cream can contain unpasteurized milk, cream or eggs. It’s usually the raw egg that renders homemade ice cream unsuitable for pregnant women, due to the potential risk of salmonella (source: PMC).