Quick Answer: Are Hot Cross Buns vegan Morrisons?

Are Morrisons Bakery hot cross buns vegan?

Asda, M&S and Morrisons all sell hot cross buns that are suitable for vegans.

Are Tesco hot cross buns vegan?

Tesco 6 Hot Cross Buns

If you don’t mind the presence of palm oil or the possibility of cross-contamination with milk or egg products (which is a slim possibility based on their disclaimer), these should be fine for vegans.

How many carbs are in Sainsburys hot cross buns?

Table of Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g per bun
Carbohydrate 51.0g 35.7g
Sugars 17.2g 12.0g
Starch 33.8g 23.7g
Fibre 2.9g 2.0g
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