What happened to Nima gluten sensor?

Is Nima gluten sensor discontinued?

In early 2020, Nima went out of business, and the products – including capsules and sensors – currently are unavailable.

Why are Nima capsules not available?

Medline told most of us that Nima Sensor was out of business and that the test capsules, the exact ones that so many of us relied on, would no longer be available for purchase.

Does the Nima gluten sensor work?

There was some good news in the FARRP study: Nima is substantially more accurate at 40 parts per million and above, with an accuracy rate of 98.7 percent; so if a sample contains large amounts of gluten, Nima should be able to alert users with a “gluten found” result.

Is Nima still available?

Nima was acquired by an unknown company in 2020, referred to as a major supplier of medical products in a note to Nima customers. Although not officially confirmed by a press release, it appears that many believe that Medline Industries acquired Nima.

Nima (device)

Developer Nima (fka 6SensorLabs)
Website nimasensor.com

Is the Nima sensor covered by insurance?

(7) Nima Sensors are Covered by FSA/HSA

This includes the purchase of a Nima Sensor and all test capsule purchases.

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Is there a way to test food for gluten?

Nima can detect gluten proteins in food in a matter of minutes. To test a sample of food, you insert a pea-size amount into a capsule, and then slide the capsule into the Nima sensor. The sensor is small — 3” by 3 1/2” — and weighs only 3 ounces.

What is Nima for celiac?

Many people in the Beyond Celiac community are asking about the Nima device. Nima is a device that is the first of its kind. It is a small, portable device that can be used to test foods for gluten. While this device is an innovation in the field, the decision of when and how to use the Nima is a complicated one.

How much does a Nima cost?

The Nima device itself costs $279 and each one-time use capsule is about $5.

How does Nima gluten sensor work?

Nima is a portable gluten detector. How it works: A sample of food or drink is dropped into a disposable cartridge that is then inserted into the device, and in about two minutes you get a result. A frown or smiley face light up along the side of the device to indicate if the meal is safe to eat.

How does Nima peanut sensor work?

With Nima, we have taken a complex laboratory style test and shrunk it into a simple, portable device. Closing the capsule prepares the food sample for mixing and testing. Our antibody chemistry then detects if there is peanut protein present in the sample. Finally, our sensor reads the result.

Who designed Nima?

Through people-friendly products that identify individual ingredients in food, and a growing community of users and data, every day Nima enables people to enjoy what’s on their plates. Co-founders Shireen Yates and Scott Sundvor created Nima out of personal experience with food intolerances.

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