Where can I buy dairy free Talenti?

Does Talenti have dairy-free options?

DO YOU HAVE ANY DAIRY-FREE PRODUCTS? Yes! All of our sorbettos are dairy-free. We think you’ll love our classics like Alphonso Mango or Roman Raspberry and if you’re looking for an extra decadent treat, check out our Peanut Butter Fudge and Cold Brew Coffee Sorbetto.

Is Talenti better than ice cream?

Talenti. … Talenti is technically gelato, so it has 30 percent less fat than ice cream. They also recently came out with a dairy-free sorbetto, which lactose intolerants everywhere are raving about. However, when you get down to it, the added sugar and unclean ingredients should keep Talenti off the diet dessert list.

Does Talenti have vegan options?

Talenti. Vegan sorbetto flavors include Alphonso Mango, Roman Raspberry, and our personal favorite, Peanut Butter Fudge. … Talenti is also adding its first vegan sorbetto with layers: Coconut Chocolate Cookie.

Is Talenti vanilla bean dairy free?

If you’re looking for delicious, you’ve found the perfect frozen dessert. Talenti Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato is our unique take on the classic vanilla ice cream flavor. … In addition to Talenti Gelato, Talenti has Dairy-Free Sorbettos, Organic Gelato and Gelato Layers — 5 layers of the ultimate indulgence.

Does Trader Joes sell gelato?

Now that you can easily grab some gelato at Trader Joe’s, now is the perfect time to try your own hand at making a floral gelato dessert. If you’re up to the challenge, pints of pistachio and caramel cookie crunch gelato can be purchased at Trader Joe’s locations nationwide.

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How unhealthy is Talenti?

Talenti gelato has its own cult following, but since many pints are high in sugar and calories, they’re often considered off-limits to dieters. Simply Strawberry, at 170 calories, is your most waistline-friendly bet.

Is Talenti good quality?

The INSIDER Summary: Talenti is one of the best brands of gelato in the supermarket. Flavors like Caramel Cookie Crunch and Sea Salt Caramel are some of the best. The Peanut Butter Pretzel flavor came out on top.